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Aero Seal is a dustless, cementitious, thin skin liner that is supplied in a single package comprising a mix of both the cementitious and polymer ingredients. It is spray-applied and has to be mixed with water on site.

The dustless element of Aero Seal provides a huge advantage to the surrounding environment of the mine/tunnel as well as the  health and safety of people using the product or working within the vicinity of the product.
Non flammable
Non toxic
Fast setting – early strength gains
High flexural strength properties
Forms a flexible barrier
Good tensile bond strength (when applied to most substrates)
Can be sprayed/trowel applied
Aero Seal is supplied as a pre-mixed bag – this is far more convenient and eliminates potential errors in the mixing, such as under  mixing.

Physical state (20°C) Powder
Colours: White/Grey/Super white
Specific gravity (20°C) 2.80
pH: Alkaline
Final setting time: 3 hours(@25°C)
Application thickness: 2mm – 8mm
Application temperature: 5°C – 35°C
Flammability (DIN 4102 – B2): Self extinguishing

Soil stabilisation in tunnelling works
Reinforcement protection barrier against rock strain movements
Temporary surface support preparation for shotcreting
Stabilisation of areas prone to soil movements
Protection barrier against weathering and soil erosion
Prevent rock from oxidising

Remove loose rocks and debris from the surface and ensure that the surface is sound. Soil conditions must be carefully studied and the appropriate system must be recommended by a qualified geotechnical engineer. Aero Seal must be used under the supervision of a qualified person.
Depending on the soil conditions – other support measures to supplement and further strengthen the soil (eg rock anchors or sprayed concrete) may be required.

Add between 4.5 litres and 5.5 litres of water to a 25kg bag of Aero Seal. Mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer for 2 – 3 minutes until the desired homogenous mortar paste is achieved. Ensure that the mix is free from lumps before use.

Spray the product onto the substrate to the thickness required. Coverage guideline is 16m² per bag per mm of thickness. The actual coverage rate depends on the substrate condition. (1 bag can achieve 3m³ at 4 – 5 mm thickness)

All of the equipment can be cleaned by blowing compressed air through the system. The nozzle itself should be inspected and cleaned out with water after every break in the spraying process. During continuous applications there is no need for the nozzle cleaning as long as the water and the air supply is sufficient and correctly adjusted.

Aero Seal is guaranteed for 12 months starting from the manufacturing date provided no other chemicals are added to it.
The product should be stored in a dry place – free from any contact with moisture and sunshine.
It can be stored in temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.

25kg bags