Genrock started operating in 1989. Our head office is located in Carletonville, Gauteng, South Africa
We have Vender No. on All Mine Groups and are BBEE compliant.

Genrock specialises in the following:Aerocrete-1
Installation of Ventilation Control & Fire Wall
Void Area and Cushion Support
Underground Support
Opening-up and Support – Safety comes first at GR

Other Specialize Work:
Vamping and Sweeping
General Mining
Wire Mesh & Lacing
Long Anchors
Thin Spray Liner

Mining supplies:
We supply a wide range of products to the mine
Intensifier Air and Hand Pumps
Air and and Grout Pumps
Aerocrete Placer Unit
Safety Nets
Ventalation Bags
Ventalation MattressesAerocrete-2

We are agents for the following Products.
Denorco Products – Mono pumps
Upat Products
Fisher Fixing systems -Kress Power Tools-Duss Power Tools
Stabila Products
Pre-stress plates for packs
Pre-stress pots