Genrock provides your team with not only tools, but mining gear for your team. This is to assist in preventing minor or major injuries on-site. By wearing the correct protective gear or clothing, production can be performed at an optimal rate with no harm to your various employees.

Mines usually, and should stipulate exactly what gear is required to be worn in order to prevent injury. Workers wearing full safety clothing include elements such as:

  • Helmets
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Protective padding

Certain protective gear is worn for different circumstances, and depending on the job and site at hand, your workers may require different work wear for different projects.

Why get protective gear?

Protective gear allows for you to be padded at all times, by using quality jackets with foam padding for vulnerable joint regions.

Work wear also allows you to improve visibility and be seen at all times by others. This protects you from your fellow workers, and also people such as motorists, truck drivers and pedestrians. Various types of safety clothing also allows you to be protective from extreme weather conditions. Certain safety clothing is made of leather, allowing for abrasion resistance and are also waterproof. Other industrial gear can also be made of nylon, Kevlar and more, depending on your need to be waterproofed or kept cool.

Protective gear is designed to have the best protective qualities for your body, especially vulnerable areas such as your head, hands, knees, shoulders and hips.

For more information on purchasing safety clothing in South Africa, contact the experts at Genrock today.