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Vent Mattresses are manufactured to the highest quality standards for Polypropylene coated material to withstand the arduous working conditions found in the mining and construction industries.

Vent Mattresses are spaced with mine twine and washers to support the material and help construct the wall effect.


Vent Mattresses Standard Range:
(a) 0.75m x 5m Bags
(b) 1.00m x 5m Bags
(c) 1.30m x 5m Bags
(d) 1.50m x 5m BagsSpecial sizes can be made to fit.
Vent Curtains are manufactured to the highest quality standards
with Polypropylene 114gsm wit coated 1cm red strip Material.
This material is Flame Retardant according to the NCB245
Specifications for the mines.Vent Curtains can be supplied in rolls or 10 m sheets.
Vent Curtains Standard size range:
(e) 1.37m x 10m
(f) 1.50m x 10m
(g) 1.80m x 10m
(h) 2.00m x 10m
(i) 2.45m x 10mAll this sizes can be supplied in 500m rolls.


This product is made in-house for the last 15 years.