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The unique Genrock Gap Jack Air Operated Pump

Intensifier (1)

Specifications of Genrock Intensifier Pump MK2

OVERALL LENGTH                               50 CM
OVERALL HEIGHT OF PUMP               20 CM
TOTAL WEIGHT                                    11KG
IN PUT AIR PRESSURE                        3.5 /4 BAR
PUMP DELIVERY                                  5-8 L.PM.
OUTPUT PRESSURE                           UP TO 13/15 MPA – 130/150 BAR – 130
DELIVERY HOSE                                  5 M HOSE+ GUN + 5M HOSE

The GENROCK G1 PUMP is designed to achieve cost-effective performance. The simple, robust design ensures that the unit is not only highly reliable but also easy to clean, service and maintain. It is light in weight and is easy to move, transport and set up.

Advantages of GENROCK Intensifier:
1. Pre-pack unit – no oil needed
2. Light Weight – easy to transport
3. The unit has a minimum number of working parts
4. Low Maintenance on Pump
5. Air motor parts Interchangeable to other Grout Pumps.
6. Low Capital cost